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Technology is a fundamental part of running a successful company. From communication to data storage, technology plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of a business.
However, managing technology can be a daunting task, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources.
That’s where a managed IT services plan comes in. By partnering with an experienced IT support company, businesses can delegate the responsibility of managing their technology infrastructure to a team of experts, freeing up time and resources to focus on their core business objectives.
Take control of your technology today! Contact us now to see how we can streamline your IT management and support, and help your business reach its full potential.

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  •   Dantech is awesome!!! I work on computer, but with having a child, being pregnant, and having a full time job, I don't have enough time to fix my own computers. So I brought it to Dantech. VERY Informative,explained every step to me before going ahead with the repair..Kept me informed during the entire process, and was very quick with the repair..I always end up referring my friends and family to Dantech.. You have problems they have answers..

    thumb Pam P.

      I hired Dan to design my website and am completely happy and satisfied with the results. There was always great communication so he was able to create specifics discussed for the site. He goes above and beyond to create an even better site than I originally envisioned. He is very knowledgeable on his skills and was able to explain different aspects of websites that I didn't understand. I will continue to turn to his business for future projects. I highly recommend his company.

    thumb Alexandria A.

      It is my pleasure to write a Yelp review for Daniel Ryan, who is our IT Consultant for Divine Providence Home Health Agency, Inc. We have been serviced by Daniel for the past 6 years, and he ranks among the most talented individuals I have encountered. I recommend him to you very highly.

    Dan has shown an extremely high level of innovation, independence, and self-motivation throughout the time I have known him. His ability to think outside the box is almost uncanny, and he is able to create solutions to crisis situations with ease. He possesses a wealth of knowledge with networks, computers, cell phones, and security systems. He is very well versed in many of the software applications most people use and is able to quickly adapt to any type of application be it online or on the desktop that are often problematic and is able to solve the problems quickly. He is a very detail-oriented individual with an ability to perform his duties thoroughly, and I believe his curiosity and intelligence make him highly qualified for any networking, computer repair, and even web development project.

    In short, I give Daniel my highest recommendation. He is one of the best consultants I have used after going through several IT professionals and companies. Daniel is able to face difficult situations with great ease and composure, and consistently seeks to improve current methods. He has also saved us thousands of dollars in costs related to email, server, and networking upgrades and repairs. I fully expect him to continue his excellence in both productivity and service. He will definitely be an asset to your company should you need his expert assistance and I strongly recommend him without reservation.

    thumb Arnold D.

      One morning when I went to check my email, I got the Blue Screen of Death with the UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME error. Dan said he could be here by noon and arrived exactly on time. He had to take the computer with him though (the bad news) as the hard drive was fried. But he had a new hard drive installed with the data transferred and everything, and the laptop was running at 100% within 2 days. Compaq is a piece of junk; I'll never buy another one. Dan said they install cheap hard drives and that's the reason why it failed. So, for as bad as the situation was, Dan made it turn out as good as we could have expected. He's a former Marine, so he and my husband traded war stories about what it was like in the "Old Corps", whatever that is.

    thumb Bella P.
  •   I called Tuesday night around 6:30pm Dan was here Wednesday morning. My computer got the dreaded frozen blue screen. I thought that was the end of it. He was able to fix it and recover and save all the info that I had. Nothing was lost. He ended up updating a 2nd computer, connecting printer and scanner to network. He was very polite and professional. He really saved our business and took away the major stress we experienced when the computer went down. When I called he answered right away. So happy with the job he did. My computer works better then ever. He saved us a lot of money, we thought for sure we would need a new computer. To install all of our work applications would have been a lengthy and stressful process. Thanks to Dan we did not have to do any of that. I would recommend him to everyone and if we have issues in the future we will be calling him for sure with no hesitation. Save yourself the stress and call him. He will help you. Thank you again Dan, we appreciate all your help.

    thumb Ausra P.

      Called Dan at Dantech in a pinch when a client did NOT save their content on a rental laptop as they thought they had. Dan came to pick up the laptops and scanned BOTH hard drives AND, returned the laptops to Rentex and was able to retrieve any remaining powerpoint files. Although we weren't able to retrieve the correct files, he only charged me $350.00 for BOTH laptops. Which I thought was extremely gracious and helpful in light of the situation. Thanks Dan

    thumb Tony R.

      Dan, the owner of Dantech solved our connectivity problem for our new smart backup sump pump. He was fast, efficient, polite and showed up on time. We will use his services again and highly recommend him!

    thumb Ann K.

      Dan provided great service today! Nice to know we have a trusty IT professional nearby. Thanks!

    thumb Ricky Schaber ..
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